The UK Needs a New Construction Worker Every 77 Seconds

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An amazing stat, but reports are saying that the UK will need to recruit over 400,000 new workers into the construction sector.  Not as a one off, but every year until 2021.  As the title says, that’s a new worker every 77 seconds.

The report was done by Arcadis, the specialist construction and engineering consultancy firm.  They also take pains to stress that this doesn’t take into account any impact from a Brexit that had people leave the country.

In particular it is trades people that are most likely to be in demand. The top 3 jobs they suggest need the most people are
  • Carpenters and Joiners (60,409)
  • Plumbers (46,827)
  • Electricians (40,340)
So not only are new people needed, but the existing skilled trades people will be ever more in demand, making attracting and keeping these people absolutely vital.

The good news is that we specialise in exactly these types of people.  As a specialist M&E and construction recruitment company, finding electricians, gas engineers, plumbers and carpenters is our bread and butter.  With over 250,000 engineering candidates on our database we are well situated to help you find the right people, quickly.

Give us a call on 0207 626 6065 to discuss options in your area, or to get up to the minute market information from our specialist recruitment consultants.

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